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I floted a question in but till date still to hear from anyone.

My question was :

What limits digital camera from supporting SD card of higher storage capacity where as one can use portable hard disk of any size with computer?


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Dear Suruesh Dai, I don't know the exact answer but this reading can be helpful.

Skickat 2011-04-28 16:59.

Generally, the size of the card is dictated by the capacity of the camera itself. My Pentax SLR is a couple of years old, and can only take a 2 gig SD card, while my little "point-and-shoot" camera can take a 4 gig card.

Skickat 2011-04-29 16:56.

Lyn, my concern is that..SD card is mare storage device, what ever comes it stores and as far i know SD cards doesn't involve itself in processing.

Skickat 2011-07-07 12:35 som svar till Lyn Jackson.

Dear Suresh ji,

I think you got to come to your blog too late.. hehe... Anyways, although SD cards do not process itself in processing, it needs some addressing mechanism to store and retrieve data. Even your PC has some limitation of maximum RAM it can accommodate. Basically what I meant to say is, the device itself is designed to work with certain capacity and type of SD card.

Even software used in camera can limit the size of card it can support. For example win95 supported MAX of around 64GB of hard-disk while win98SE could support upto 135GB of Hard disks and these days modern software can support larger amount of storage.

So, we can conclude that, any device can dictate the max-size and type of Card it can use by its hardware architecture or even with the type of software it contains.

Hope this reply was helpful.

Lila Ram Sapkota.

Skickat 2011-07-07 13:52 som svar till SURESH BHATTARAI.