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This seems useful!

I like the team specific folders for relevant documents. Would there be a specific folder for cluster and Nepal specific all possible statistics e.g. socio, economic, demographic, environment, etc?

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Dear Prem Dai,

This portal is growing and is intended to serve UMN as the means of internal communication. We are doing herculean efforts to turn up every stones to make it useful. Technically it is possible to create any kind of folder structure and of course yes it can be arranged as you have mentioned. Only problem we will have to keep every folders is the length of document port-let, and need of navigating through pages clicking on next, next all the time to find the specific folder.

So, For now I have just maintained the team wise folders and have set permissions accordingly. If I am given a good guideline about how the folder should be looking, I can rearrange the folders. For now, it will be best if we develop our own folder structure inside our team folder after team discussion on what structure will best suit the team and what contents will the particular folder contain. It is also important we remember the permission settings. We can develop our team folders which can be accessed only by our team members and another public folder which is accessible to all other UMN staffs.

There can be lots of options we can come up with. What I need as a technical person is, what will be the best structure that will suit us.

Lila Ram Sapkota.

Skickat 2011-07-05 14:39.