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Depressing conundrums!

Now here is an interesting paradox to solve. I have requested to become friends with various people, but no one has so far accepted. I am beginning to feel rejected crying  Its very depressing to open your pages and be confronted with the Friends portlet announcing "You have 0 Friends"!!!  I discovered that this is partly because the method I used (the Invitations portlet on the Add/More/Community menu) seems not to be for adding Friends, even though it has a link saying 'Invite Friends'. This invites peope to view your website which they then can't if they are not friends, and can't because I haven't written one! How do I know this? I got Nico to send me an invitation using this method. So apologies to everyone who received this curious message from me to view my webpage and then could not - sorry about that sad


I have also sent out Friend requests to various people clicking the Friend request button on their public page, including to Nico. However, when we looked at his account, we could not find anywhere a notification that I had requested to be a Friend and to Accept! frown


But here is the conundrum. since I have asked Nico to be my friend, it tells me this on his public page (Friend requested). He is yet to accept, but at the bottom of my page under Online Friends (for Chat purposes) he is listed (when he is online). How come he is listed as a Friend in one place but not in another, and how do you respond to a Friend request? Where do the notifications come?


Answers on a postcard to... Actually a reply below would be great smiley

Learning about Liferay - any answers?

I am having fun messing around with Liferay but to be honest I don't find it very user friendly, so here are some Qn to date. I am posting them here because others may find the answers useful also.

1. Is there a tutorial somewhere? Might be worth posting to a blog. I didn't realise you had to use control panel to add your Wall.

2. Am trying to add friends - this is also not so obvious. At the moment I am opening members' public pages and clicking Add Friend button from there. Is there a quicker way? e.g. how do I search for all SL Team members?

3. Why do some member's public pages have the Add Friend button and others don't? Do members have to activate this? How do I do it for my page?

4. I log in at the start of the day, but it is forever expiring and logging me out. Is there a way of changing the expiry time for log-ins?

5. My blog seems to have the correct time associated with it, but my Wall posts do not. Why is that and how can I correct the Wall post timing?

6. At the bottom of this blog edit it says I can check a box to "Allow Trackbacks" and "Allow Pingbacks". What are these? They are ticked by default - should I allow them?

All answers gratefully received.

Is this my wall?

I'm not sure how much I'm going to use this. The layout is not that user friendly, and I am not sure what I should put here - just UMN specific stuff I guess? There is talk og having your own Wall here, like in Facebook, but I don't know where that is. Is this my Wall?? I guess not because you have to be my friend to see my Wall, so this is just my Blog then??

Another thing is that one can start to get bogged down in too many networking sites - I'm already on Facebook (social) and Linked-In (professional) sites, and get regular invites for others (which I generally decline). Now there's the UMN coprporate site. You could spend all your life talking to people through a computer screen!


Anyway, giving it a go...

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