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Is this my wall?

I'm not sure how much I'm going to use this. The layout is not that user friendly, and I am not sure what I should put here - just UMN specific stuff I guess? There is talk og having your own Wall here, like in Facebook, but I don't know where that is. Is this my Wall?? I guess not because you have to be my friend to see my Wall, so this is just my Blog then??

Another thing is that one can start to get bogged down in too many networking sites - I'm already on Facebook (social) and Linked-In (professional) sites, and get regular invites for others (which I generally decline). Now there's the UMN coprporate site. You could spend all your life talking to people through a computer screen!


Anyway, giving it a go...


No its not may Wall. I discovered that you add that through Control Panel under the Manage menu at top left. To be honest that is not very intuitive! (Why do I get the feeling I am talking to myself out here...?)

Skickat 2011-06-24 11:51.

Dear Paul ji,

Liferay is fully dynamic in many sense. For advanced users like you, it has lots of manageability features bundled into it. If you don't want certain portlet it provides x sign at the top of each portlet. And if you happen to require it in future, you can always use (Add) docking menu at the top-left of your liferay screen. Moreover you can find abundant of different portlets available if you do (More) in the submenu that appears when you click on (Add) docking menu which you might find useful. So, the basic idea is design your page by yourself.

Its pretty much same like gadgets in iGoogle. You have full control over your public and private page. You can customize how your friends should see you in liferay by modifying your public page and you can put gadgets that are useful to you in your page.

If you don't find your portlet userfriendly, you can also change its apperances as you like. You can modify color, font size etc. so, for this you just need to click on wrench icon at the top heading bar of your desired portlet. and you will see submenu called look and feel where you can do several stuffs.

I am always here if you would like to ping me for anything you want in liferay. I think I have answered you with this.

Lila Ram Sapkota.

Skickat 2011-06-27 10:01 som svar till Paul Wright.