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Learning about Liferay - any answers?

I am having fun messing around with Liferay but to be honest I don't find it very user friendly, so here are some Qn to date. I am posting them here because others may find the answers useful also.

1. Is there a tutorial somewhere? Might be worth posting to a blog. I didn't realise you had to use control panel to add your Wall.

2. Am trying to add friends - this is also not so obvious. At the moment I am opening members' public pages and clicking Add Friend button from there. Is there a quicker way? e.g. how do I search for all SL Team members?

3. Why do some member's public pages have the Add Friend button and others don't? Do members have to activate this? How do I do it for my page?

4. I log in at the start of the day, but it is forever expiring and logging me out. Is there a way of changing the expiry time for log-ins?

5. My blog seems to have the correct time associated with it, but my Wall posts do not. Why is that and how can I correct the Wall post timing?

6. At the bottom of this blog edit it says I can check a box to "Allow Trackbacks" and "Allow Pingbacks". What are these? They are ticked by default - should I allow them?

All answers gratefully received.


Correction for Q5 - seems that although it told me that it had automatically saved a draft of the blog at the right time, it published at the wrong time (5.52am), so my Liferay timing generally needs sorting out!

Skickat 2011-06-24 11:48.

Answer 1: The tutorial found online is too extensive and is not suitable many of users we have at UMN. So we are trying to get it easy by including the features we think we might be using at UMN and of course we are trying to include all the questions that came up while we put this portal online from different locations of UMN. We will try our best to get it easy and straight forward.

Answer 2: To allow you to be added to as the friend by any other members, you need to add your wall or summary portlet in your public page. Yes you are right its not that obvious and you need to go to the public page of your friend to add them as friend. I have tried to put this summary port-let to many of our users but suddenly realized with some other users query on it, like why do we need to add them as friends as they all are UMN friends already?? so we managed to get all users within the same community so that you can find anybody logged in as online friend and can chat to them even though you don't add them as friend. So, if you want you can simply remove the summary portlet.

Answer 3: I think answer no 2 includes the answer. the summar-port-let. I tried to add summary-port-let manually to all the members so that they will get it by default. Might be many of them I missed. And after I realized we can chat without being friend, I did not see it any further. I can work on it in case by case basis if needs be.

Answer 4: I can make your sessions stay longer if you want but it will effect the whole users here. the session generally expires after certain period of ideal time to protect somebody using your logged session to post something. You remaining ideal to liferay means you are at least not using it for some specified amount of time. Yeah with a common consensus, we can decide an agreeable amount of time till when we want our session to be live after we go idle into liferay portal.

Answer 5, 6: I'll look over the time issue. till now i have not noticed it. thanks for bringing it to our notice. I'll get back to you with this when I come to conclusion.

I hope I answered your questions which can have immediate impact with your liferay interaction. I'll come up with the answers to few questions after some research on it. As we are evolving with our users into it, we are trying to get it more useful, less noisy and more userfriendly.

Lila Ram Sapkota.

Skickat 2011-06-27 10:16 som svar till Paul Wright.

Thanks for this response Lila-ji - very useful. Look forward to the simpler version of the tutorial - Liferay seems to be a massive tool that is highly customizable, so it will take a while to learn I guess.

I think being able to chat is fine, but that will not use Liferay to its greatest potential. I think there is potential to help teams work more collaboratively or synergistically. For example, we are all busy on different things. If we post occasionally on our Wall what we are doing, everyone will be kept in touch without having to ask or meet all the time. Managers may also find this useful to know what their line staff are working on. Meetings can also be posted so people who cannot see your calendar know if you are available or not. Colleagues can also post comments/advice/etc. to your Wall. I have started to do this as an experiment. However, for this to work team members need to see your Wall, so they need to be your friends. What do others think of this idea? If you like it you could give a positive vote.

WRT adding friends, I have found a little portlet that you can add to your public page (why public I don't know - seems strange...) called "Invitations". You find it under the Add/More.../Community menu item at the top left of your public page.

I don't think there would be much danger in staying logged on longer (with a default of say 3-4 hours) but I guess that is a corporate security decision. I can continue to keep logging back in if necessary.

Qn6 Brahmanand already usefully answered in his recent blog (although I didn't quite grasp all of it)

Thanks again for your hard work!

Skickat 2011-06-27 13:13 som svar till Lila Sapkota.